About Eucharistic Flame

The Eucharist flame is meant to bring people closer to Jesus and to proclaim . His kingdom on earth
They want things in everyday life, positive change . Close to Jesus
By Jesus is the solution to problems often nearby.

The inclusion Jesus is working and you get : good family ties , compassion, healing , forgiveness and grace.

The organization has been agreed by the bishops .

pater Joseph Vadakkel

Eucharistic flame Evangelization : Father Joseph Vadakkel was appointed by his Congregation of the Blessed Sacrament as a director of the Eucharistic center in Manila known.

Likewise, Father Vadakkel the blessing and permission of the Bishop of Antipolo , Gabriel V. Reyes.Zijn retreats and meditations from radio and television (K- TV) in the famous August 2008 , and he has the best official award of the broadcasting media.

What is his job ?

Its mission is focused on the publication of the work of the Holy Eucharist , the Holy Spirit, the fire of Jesus on earth in conjunction with the teaching of Pope Francis, Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI . Father Vadakkel mission is to delve into the mystical presence of Jesus in the Eucharist. More people like Jesus ? What we can experience / discover ? How can we learn to know Jesus in the Eucharist better?

As early as 1997 Father gives Vadakkel retreats in many European countries such as Switzerland, Austria , Germany (including Kevelaer ) Poland, France, Sweden, etc., and now for the first time in the Netherlands. His exercises are highly recommended by many bishops . He also has Pope Benedict XVI personally received the papal blessing for his mission in Europe.

1) Eucharistic flame retreats and days of prayer .
2) prayer groups .
3) Healing Prayers for the soul, mind and body.
4) workshops, seminars and publications.
5 ) TV and Radio programs.

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